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Starr Hill The Love


This can of Starr Hill’s The Love isn’t my first encounter with the wheat ale, but it does offer me the opportunity (or rather reminder) to officially review a beer that I’ve cracked open many times through the years. I’m not what one would call a hefeweizen fan, but I have downed a few bottles of this 5.1% ABV brew at friends’ Summer gatherings in the past. It just always seems to be a viable option as a beat-the-heat quencher — it also sure as hell beats stuffing a dry lime wedge into the neck of a Corona and trying to choke that mess down.

At any rate, The Love, while not my favorite beer from this Charlottesville brewery, is a refreshing little brew that you can enjoy a few of while hanging out with friends or as a rejuvenator after working out in the yard. It provides the basic hefeweizen flavors of wheat, yeast and a hint of banana, but also brings in a peppery hop character and soft lemony citrus notes that simply add to the satisfying finish. A crisp mouthfeel carries everything to its final destination.

I’m a big fan of many of Starr Hill’s products — their King of Hop Imperial IPA (and variants) is outstanding, as is their Dark Starr Stout. The Love is a capable hefeweizen that has legions of fans and does quench the thirst nicely on a hot July afternoon. Me personally, I’ll stick with my favorites, but you all keep buying this wheat ale, especially now that it’s available in cans.

This is a review of a promotional sample.


The Love pours a straw yellow in color with a decent bit of haze and a small cap of white foam. The head falls smoothly to patchy surface cover.

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