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Starr Hill Warehouse Pils


Starr Hill recently released their Summer Jam Can Variety 16 Pack earlier this Summer. Comprised of The Love, The Hook, Grateful Pale Ale and Warehouse Pils, it is the company’s first can-based variety package. The first three beers have been around for a while now, but Warehouse Pils, a 5.5% ABV German style pilsner dry-hopped with German hops, is a new release for 2017.

Warehouse Pils is one of those beers whose crispness and liveliness makes for an ideal refresher for the heat of Summer. The brew is hoppier than your standard pilsner, but not overly so, providing a bit more grass and peppery tingle, as well as a bit more bitterness on the tongue, than your standard example of the style. That amplified hop character doesn’t overwhelm the palate as the beer has a balancing malt backbone that carries notes of grain, cereal and a touch of honey.

All of the beers in Starr Hill’s Summer Jam variety pack are all tasty, but Warehouse Pils is the one that I wouldn’t mind chugging after pushing a mower around the yard in the July heat. It’s refreshing and moorish with one hell of a refreshing character. The added bitterness from the dry-hopping only makes this little brew that much more invigorating. I expect these variety packs to disappear quickly, but not as rapidly as this pilsner from glasses the remainder of the Summer.

This is a review of a promotional sample.


The small, rocky cap of white foam falls gently to a thin cover atop the clear, golden brew. There's plenty of bubble activity as the brew sits in the glass.

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