Oct 9, 2017

Stone Neapolitan Dynamite Stout

Officially named Paul Bischeri & Patrick Martinez / Abnormal Beer Company / Stone Neapolitan Dynamite, this big imperial stout is the result of Stone’s annual event with the American Homebrewers Association. In order to mimic that similarly named, tri-flavored ice cream treat of your childhood the collaborative group brewed the stout with vanilla, strawberries and chocolate. To change things up a bit, a healthy addition of coffee has been added to take this full-flavored brew to a new level.

Neapolitan Dynamite isn’t what I would call a dessert beer, despite the intentions of the brewers — the brew is lacking that higher-level of sweetness to enter the post-dinner treat realm. This beer is still outstanding, however. Vanilla sits in the forefront a bit while a smooth wash of strawberry, light roastiness, lingering chocolate and hints of espresso are all presented in a balanced, even experience. The strawberry echoes nicely after each sip in the lightly drying finish. The full-bodied stout has a smooth, creamy character.

I may have been one of those kids growing up that would seek out one of the three flavors in the ice cream carton — leaving the vanilla for my mom. Neapolitan Dynamite doesn’t allow me to do that, instead creating a swirling, singular scoopful of wonderfully balanced flavors. The splash of coffee in each sip really makes this beer for me, personally. I do believe I’ll be picking up a bottle or two of this one for future enjoyment, perhaps even as a beer float.

This is a review of a promotional sample.