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Tin Cannon Twin Cannons


Tin Cannon Brewery just started canning a couple of their beers the past month or so. One of those packaged for release is the company’s double IPA, Twin Cannons (8.9% ABV and 85 IBU). It’s been a while since I last visited the company so I haven’t encountered this big IPA prior to receiving a six-pack last week. All that I know about Twin Cannons is what the label artwork tells me.

While the Chinook hops that abound within this beer’s dark amber depths provide a solid amount of bitterness, that’s really about all the hop character the beer presents. Yes, there are light grassy notes, soft peach traits and a bit of pine to go along with a strong malt backbone of bready malt and caramel. In that regard, the beer is fairly well balanced, but doesn’t provide that pungent double IPA hop punch that I personally look for in beers like Twin Cannons. The level of bitterness is in the right spot, but I would have loved a more amplified pine note or more fruitiness.

Twin Cannons is a balanced brew with a higher level of alcohol that is hidden quite well, only offering a gentle warmth in the chest late in each swallow. It’s a beer that shows promise, but could use some tweaking to push those hops a bit more towards the forefront. That all said, I can see a beer like this one with its stronger malt backbone serving nicely as the weather continues to cool.

This is a review of a promotional sample.


Twin Cannons pours a deep, fairly dark amber in color with a dense cap of beige foam. The head falls evenly to a full crown around the inside of the glass.

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