Jul 26, 2017

Trillium Galaxy Cutting Tiles

This can of Trillium’s Galaxy Cutting Tiles was brought down from the Northeast by a coworker of mine. The double IPA is brewed with local wild flower honey and, as evident by the name, Galaxy hops at several points (including two dry hoppings) during the process. The 8.5% ABV unfiltered brew isn’t the most attractive looking by any means, but it’s got an enticing aroma and excellent flavor.

An array for pineapple, mango and orange fill the nose with peppery hops, grass and herbal notes. Galaxy Cutting Tiles doesn’t smell “hoppy,” fitting in with many of the beers I’ve had from the Northeast. Thankfully, the beer, unlike those same beers, packs a decent bit of hop bitterness. Luscious fruit flavors, a subtle honey trait, bread and grassy hops glide smoothly over the palate on the beer’s soft mouthfeel and medium body. Everything arrives with ease at the lightly drying and warming finish.

I was thrilled to receive Galaxy Cutting Tiles having heard good things about Trillium in the past. This double IPA certainly isn’t typical of the same style that started the hop craze in the U.S. many moons ago, but it still packs a bit of a bite to go along with the fruit juicy flavors. I, personally, would have liked to have had a bit more liveliness to the carbonation, but that’s just being picky. That said, I enjoyed the hell out of this beer.