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Unibroue Blonde de l’Enfer


It’s no secret on this site that I’m a big fan of Unibroue’s products. Blonde de l’Enfer is a celebration of the company’s 25th year in existence (half of which has been under Sapporo ownership) and this anniversary brew is right in line with the excellent beers that I’ve come to expect from the Quebec company. Like those experiences of past releases, this big beer encompasses classic flavors and craftsmanship.

Brewed in the fashion of a Belgian-style strong golden ale, Blonde de l’Enfer weighs in at a mighty 10.5% ABV and packs in a wonderful array of classic flavors and a few new influences, as well. A solid amount of peppery, lightly funky yeast leads the way for grain, soft honey notes, light citrus and a smooth blend of spices. The flavors are fairly complex without going overboard, as a crisp (almost sharp) mouthfeel briskly spreads everything across the tongue.

I thoroughly enjoyed Blonde de l’Enfer. The balance between grainy malt, lightly citrus hop and peppery yeast presents an excellent drinking experience that satisfies and rivals some of the more traditional examples of the style. This big beer serves not just as a wonderful anniversary celebration for the company, but also as a warming winter option for those looking for something a little different during the colder months.

This is a review of a promotional sample.


The golden ale pours a lightly hazy, golden amber in color with a full cap of rocky foam. The beige foam drops smoothly to a full ring and sticky crown around the inside of the glass.

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