Jun 30, 2017

Union Craft Brewing Yonder Cities

One glance at the artwork wrapped around the can holding Yonder Cities, a collaboration between Union Craft Brewing and DC Brau, and you can see why I was immediately drawn to it. Those colors are mesmerizing, begging you to investigate and eventually pick up the mash-up of farmhouse ale and west coast IPA. Thankfully, it’s not just the can’s artwork that intrigues.

Yonder Cities is packed with funky yeast and, at 70 IBU, a solid hop bitterness that meet head-on at your tastebuds. A solid wave of pineapple, grapefruit, grassy hops and grain quickly follow suit as that bite peaks wonderfully. Soft peppery notes linger at the edges. This mash-up of two styles combines flavors surprisingly well as everything treats the other with respect and balance. The crisp mouthfeel carries everything quickly over the palate, refreshing the soul wonderfully.

The outrageous colors and illustration on the can may have initially caught my attention, but the flavors of this brew brought me back over and over again until my glass was empty, quickly. The sixer of Yonder Cities, as a result, did not last too long in the fridge. I would love for the breweries to release this one again — it’s a wonderfully dynamic and refreshing brew.