Feb 14, 2018

Alewerks Weekend Lager

For as much of a fan as I am of big, dank IPAs or rich and robust stouts, I’m also love a good, crisp lager. There’s just something about them that hits the spot after a long day’s work (whether in the office or outside). That snappy bite and lively demeanor refreshes wonderfully in most instances. Alewerks Brewing Weekend Lager does all that with ease and, let’s me honest here, is ideal every day of the week, not just weekends.

The light bodied, pale straw colored lager presents a solid yeast profile, cereal notes, a hint of honey and, once it hits the tongue, a welcome surprise of hop bitterness that almost comes across as a mellow tartness. Weekend Lager is active and crisp, driving everything across the palate in a single-mindedness of exacting revenge on a long day, refreshing the soul and providing a satisfying feeling. At 4.8% ABV, this brew allows you to enjoy a couple on the back deck without causing dread at waking up the next day and starting the vicious workday cycle over again.

Is Weekend Lager the best example of the style I’ve come across thus far? No, but it does hit all the requisite marks I look for in a lager. Plus that gentle lemony tartness it presents adds a little something extra that would make me buy a sixer of this brew again in the future.