Jul 25, 2018

Collective Arts Stranger Than Fiction

So far, all that I’ve been able to find from Collective Arts are their IPAs. That’s not a complaint, really, as those have all, for the most part, been pretty darn good. Curious to see how they do with other styles, I immediately snagged a can of Stranger Than Fiction when I saw it on shelves back in early June. The 5.5% ABV porter not only proved the company can do more than hops, it’s my favorite brew from Collective Arts thus far.

Stranger Than Fiction follows the previous IPAs in terms of its full-flavored presentation. The beer is robust without going too far in that direction, providing a good amount of dark coffee roast, hint of chocolate and grain. The full bodied mouthfeel and overall character almost give the porter more of a stoutish personality, all the way to the lightly drying finish. I love the blend of the light sweetness with the assertive bitterness — it’s a combination that works well for my tastes.

Collective Arts have themselves an impressive porter with Stranger Than Fiction. The beer’s no-frills, straight to the point nature pleases me to no end. It’s robust and earthy with a good body, fullness and welcome level of bitterness. Plus, it’s only 5.5% ABV which is great for a robust porter like this. It means I can enjoy a couple without wanting to take a nap later in the day.