Aug 22, 2018

Double Barley Steakcake Stout

Of the box of beer I brought back from the Outer Banks, I didn’t really bring back that many stouts. I think, in total, there were only three — one of which was the excellent Steakcake Stout from Double Barley Brewing out of Smithfield, NC. The 10% ABV imperial stout is incredibly well-rounded and it’s not at all surprising that the owners of the brewery have trouble deciding unanimously which meal it goes best with.

I knew right from the thick and viscous pour that this was going to be a stout right up my alley. The first few sips confirmed it. The beer is roasty with a gentle cigar char that is a leading flavor, but doesn’t quite take the beer into the robust realm. This allows the dark coffee, hints of anise, baker’s chocolate and grain notes to show through successfully as everything is carried on that softly carbonated, full body. A decent bit of hop bitterness keeps the lingering sweetness in check and the warming finish spreads lovingly through the chest.

I love that there is an internal battle amongst this family-owned operation a to whether Steakcake is best with a filet or chocolatey desert. Sipping at this big beer, it’s easy to picture it going quite well with just about anything to tell you the truth. But, then again, stout fans don’t have difficulty pairing a big stout like this with any meal. I will most certainly be on the look out for this beer again in future travels south of Barley Blog HQ.