May 31, 2018

Evil Twin Imperial Biscotti Chili Hazelnut Break

I’m all for “dessert in a glass” when it comes to some beers, but I’ve got to be in the mood for it and not surprised by a cloying level of sweetness and richness. Luckily, I knew what I was getting into when I opened up this can of Evil Twin’s Imperial Biscotti Chili Hazelnut Break. The 11.5% ABV imperial stout packs in an array of flavors and level of sweetness that makes for a tasty treat after dinner.

A rich blend of roast coffee, caramel, vanilla, a solid amount of hazelnut and good level of sweetness glide over the tongue with each viscous swallow of the full-bodied stout. The sweetness is almost at that “too sweet” point, but there’s just enough of the a chili tingle to keep it in check. Everything moves with ease to the lightly drying finish that also presents a surprisingly soft level of warmth considering the level of alcohol. I can’t say that I recall what biscotti tastes like, but Imperial Biscotti Chili Hazelnut Break is a darn tasty brew.

This can was definitely the right choice for an after-dinner treat early last month. Imperial Biscotti Chili Hazelnut Break is rich, sweet and packed with a ton of decadent flavors. I love the gentle tingle of chili late in the swallow — it’s a nice element that keeps the sweetness in check.