Jun 5, 2018

Founders Dank Wood

Dank Wood was the third release in Founders’ Barrel-Aged Series and it packs a punch. The big, imperial red ale (12.2% ABV, 65 IBU) is more than aptly named as both the sticky hop presence of the base beer and the strong influence of barrel aging are present, sending your tastebuds into a tizzy trying to keep up with everything that is happening with each sip.

The aroma on Dank Wood is packed with resinous pine notes, caramel malt and grapefruit with the barrel influence teasing at the edges. The flavor, however, is almost the mirror opposite as the Bourbon, wood and vanilla arrive first, displaying the impact they’ve had on the base IPA. The piney hop notes are still present, of course, as is the rich malt backbone and fruity undertones. It’s that barrel influence, however, that’s the star of the show once everything crosses the tastebuds on the softly carbonated medium body.

This is not an IPA that you want to rush through. Dank Wood is a sipping beer — one to take your time with, enjoying the dynamic aspect of that aroma and flavor profile working in unison to create an incredible drinking experience. This is a boastful, imperial red IPA that delivers a pungent hop and barrel influence like few are able. If you can still find a bottle, I highly suggest checking this one out.