Sep 12, 2018

Founders Mosaic Promise

I picked up a couple of six-packs of Founders Mosaic Promise at my local Safeway when it first appeared for the season. I’m pretty I may have had it prior to this purchase, but my memory isn’t quite 100% that I did. At any rate, I’m a sucker for single-hopped brews, especially when the word “mosaic” is involved. With this 5.5% ABV pale ale, Founders have themselves a treat of a beer — and one that doesn’t seem to last too long in the fridge.

As you may have guessed, Mosaic Promise uses only the hop variety of the same name (in addition to Golden Promise malt). See how they did that? While Mosaic hops can come across sub-tropical at times, within this pale ale, it presents more of an earthy and leafy nature with a smooth, well-rounded melon and grapefruit presence to accompany grain and soft bready notes. Toss in a lightly drying finish, as well as a refreshing character and you’ve got yourself a hell of a Summer-time treat.

Mosaic Promise is one of those beers that you can simply sit down with and not have to think about anything — the day’s events, the beer in your hand… nothing. It’s just a joy to toss back as you relax from the long commute home or working out in the field. My only gripe with this one was having to share it with the wife.