Jan 24, 2018

Honor Night Vision Porter

Night Vision is the first brew from Chantilly, Virginia’s Honor Beer that I’ve had thus far. And while the 5.5% ABV porter served as a decent enough introduction to the company, it seemed fairly shy in terms of aroma and flavor. The porter is brewed with maple and finished with vanilla and cinnamon, but none of those ingredients really present themselves as strongly as they probably should.

The maple shows softly in the aroma, but almost disappears in the flavor, lingering well into the background behind the roast malt that dominates with each swallow. I’d be hard pressed to find any vanilla or cinnamon anywhere with this beer. I even let the glass sit for a while, warming to room temperature and still nothing. About all that came out at that point was a touch of an acrid char like burnt coffee that distracted a bit from the experience. A late hop tingle in the lightly drying finish did its best to make things interesting.

Night Vision isn’t a bad beer, but it’s also nothing to really write home about. I’d prefer a bit more maple within its dark depths and less of that char. Other than that, the porter goes down with ease and won’t wreck your afternoon if you have more than one in a sitting.