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Lindemans Faro Lambic


I don’t think there is a Lindemans brew that I haven’t liked to one degree or another. Sure the Peche isn’t quite my thing, but the Old Gueuze Cuvée René is one of my favorite beers to cellar. And now that I’ve finally crossed paths with Faro, I may have to move some Cuvée over to make room for this tasty 4.5% ABV lambic.

Faro, as a style, has been around for a few centuries prior to being forgotten over time, eventually brought back from obscurity by Lindemans in the 1970s. This particular beer is aged on oak with additional sugar syrup (the label states brown sugar) added to temper the base beer’s acidic tartness. The result is a beer that presents a dynamic flavor profile comprised of soft tartness, moderate sweetness, light funkiness, raisin, a touch fo wood, brown sugar and caramel. Everything swirls around one another with an easiness and cohesive nature. The medium bodied lambic eventually ends in a long lasting finish that carries a balanced sour and sweet nature.

Thoughts of Schloss Eggenberg’s Samichlaus popped into mind as I was enjoying Faro. The flavors are completely different (as is the potency), but an aged bottle of Samichlaus presents itself in the same manner as this Lindemans’ bottle did. Both are rich and decadent without going overboard and becoming pretentious. Faro is definitely a beer that I will be purchasing more of in order to set aside in the basement. I can’t wait to experience how they develop further over time.


Pours a vibrant copper in color with a fleeting head of light beige foam. It's an attractive looking brew.

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