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Right Proper Raised By Wolves


No matter how many new breweries arise each day, I’m always excited to run across my first brew from any one of them. That initial introduction can set a hell of a tone and will either send me along the path of further exploration or leave me with a feeling of, “meh, it’s just another brewery…” Raised By Wolves, a 5% ABV pale ale from Washington D.C.’s Right Proper has me not only impressed and refreshed after finishing off this inaugural sixer, but also ready to meet more of their products.

The brewery websites states that Raised By Wolves was brewed to present “lush tropical, citrus and stone fruits,” while keeping the level of bitterness low. Well, they nailed the hop bite as the pale ale provides a moderate amount of bitterness, but I’d say the pine, grapefruit and touch of cattiness are the featured aromas and flavors over anything fruity — and that’s cool by me. This is a beer after my own heart. It’s got an old school flavor profile and that new school mentality of lower bite that folks seem to like these days. The medium-bodied beer is crisp and refreshing with a nice, long finish.

Raised By Wolves is a solid example of a drinkable pale ale with great flavor, moderate balance and an earthiness that I particularly enjoyed. The six pack I purchased didn’t have too long of a stay in the beer fridge and I can’t wait to cross paths with the company’s next release. Or maybe, I’ll just pick up a few more cans of this tasty pale ale instead.


Pours a hazy, amber in color with a small cap of tawny foam that falls smoothly to a full ring.

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