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Schlafly Tangerine Lager


I don’t typically associate lagers and fruit flavors, but Schlafly has decided to embrace that relationship with their Tangerine Lager, a 5.5% ABV (20 IBU) brew available in their seasonal Frugi-Four Pack. It only takes a couple of sips to realize that the brewery could be onto something with this tasty little brew. The citrus influence isn’t overly fruity, instead bringing in a smooth and natural presence with a touch of bitterness from the peel.

The aroma is packed with citrusy notes and earthy peel that fill the nose immediately. Lager yeast and grain remind that they’re in the mix, but allow their new friends (tangerine and orange rind) to steal the spotlight just this once. Once the lager hits the tastebuds, the tangerine and orange notes step back some, offering a natural and smooth citrusy influence while a light-to-moderate level of bitterness from the peel rises to meet grain, cereal and yeast notes. The crisp, almost sharp, mouthfeel bounces the flavors around the mouth before ultimately settling into a lightly drying and lasting finish as the citrusy bitterness and grain fade slowly.

I’m a big fan of a crisp lager to refresh after a long day at the office or working outside. Schlafly’s Tangerine Lager amps up that refreshment level with a welcome touch of citrusy flavor and bitterness. The snappy beer goes down easy and, if the brewery saw it fit to drop the alcohol a percentage point, it could be a Summertime quaffable treat.

This is a review of a promotional sample.


A tightly beaded cap of white foam drops to an even ring atop the hazy, golden straw lager.

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