Dec 14, 2018

Ship Bottom Wooden Jetty

Every now and again, the wife house sits for a friend of ours. And whenever, they get back from their destination, they usually treat her with a thank you. As part of that thank you, they also seek out a beer or two for me, cause, well, they’re cool. This time around, a bottle of Ship Bottom’s Wooden Jetty, a 8.4% ABV imperial stout aged in Bourbon barrels, made its way into the fridge.

A swirl of roastiness, coffee, Bourbon, wood, anise and vanilla greets the nose and eventually the tastebuds upon inspection. Wooden Jetty smells and tastes pretty damn good with a playful combination of barrel aging and heartiness. There’s a noticeable lack of carbonation, but it really doesn’t affect the overall experience too poorly. The stout is well-rounded and balanced, leading to a warming and lightly drying conclusion.

Despite any activity with the mouthfeel, the flavors within Wooden Jetty’s dark depths are strong enough to hold their own. I still would have loved to have had a bit of liveliness to push those elements around the palate a bit, but when the beer was a gift, beggars can’t be choosers. Right?