Nov 15, 2018

Starr Hill 2 Tone Vanilla Porter

I suppose with any Winter-themed variety pack, you’ve got to have a porter, right? Well, Starr Hill certainly believes so and they’ve provided a pretty darn tasty one in the form of 2 Tone Vanilla Porter, a 6% ABV brew that is part of their annual Winter Tour offering. Obviously, with the addition of vanilla, this isn’t your ordinary porter, but there’s more to this one to separate it from the crowd than just an additional ingredient.

2 Tone has an incredible smoothness as it glides effortlessly across the palate. It’s not a super thick or viscous example of a porter, but the carbonation is at just the right for the medium-bodied brew. Dark roast malt, coffee notes, soft vanilla and cocoa all mix seamlessly, balanced nicely with a light sweetness and hint of hop bitterness. To say this one is easy drinking — especially for a 6% porter — would be an understatement. The lingering, lightly drying finish only adds to 2 Tone’s moreish appeal.

A beer like 2 Tone is a nice addition to a variety pack as it offers something different, but I’d be willing to buy a good amount of just this porter. It’s smoothness and easy nature make for a brew that you can sit down with for a spell after a long, cold day shoveling snow. The beer is not overly warming by any means, but it does present a level of comfort that sets the soul at ease.

This is a review of a promotional sample.