Mar 13, 2018

Stillwater Ales Gnam Gnam

Gnam Gnam is a double IPA brewed and canned by Boston’s Dorchester Brewing for Stillwater Artisanal Ales. The 8% ABV beer features mango, lemongrass and an unnamed chili within its golden hazy depths. And with most beer’s of this nature, it’s super tasty, but I would have loved more of that chili presence to really take hold with a bit more heat.

This double IPA teased me a bit shortly after pouring it into the glass. The first few sniffs provided a chili presence that hinted at the possibility of actually containing some heat once the beer makes its way over the tastebuds. Unfortunately, that doesn’t happen. Lemony citrus, mango and grass dominate the flavor profile while the prospect of peppery heat peaks at only a gentle tingle on the tip of the tongue. Distant pine and grapefruit linger in the background.

Gnam Gnam is a tasty and refreshing, fruit-forward double IPA. It’s got a great flavor and a light hop bitterness. I just really want more heat in any beer that utilizes chili peppers within their recipes. This big beer would also have done well with more of a hop bite. All in all, Stillwater have themselves as solid beer that should prove the ideal option for the warmer months to come.