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Sweetwater Sinner’s Son


Two years ago, Sweetwater Brewing released their first bottles Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Stout. That beer was big and robust with an “old” character that I particularly enjoyed. The company’s freshly released Sinner’s Son, a 12.4% ABV imperial stout also aged in bourbon barrels, has a similar aged trait to it, but so much more. Prior to bottling, the big stout receives a healthy dose of fresh coffee and espresso beans.

I’m not sure if these two beers utilize the same base stout prior to barrel aging, but they carry similar characteristics. That said, it’s the differences that really sets Sinner’s Son apart. The coffee influence is robust and fairly raw, offering a counter point to the rich and roasty malt, chocolate notes, as well as the vanilla, Bourbon and old woody notes of the barrel aging. The result is a beer with layers of flavor and a dynamic presentation.

I popped the cork on Sinner’s Son on a very cold January afternoon. The beer’s warming soul and flavors were ideal for that frigid day. I particularly enjoyed the robust coffee influence that keeps the big stout’s decadent side in check just enough to keep it from becoming too much. This is one that I’ll have to pick up again if I cross paths with it in future shopping trips.


Sinner's Son pours slowly into the glass, almost oozing into place. It sits black and opaque in color with a small cap of dark brown foam.

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