Sep 7, 2018

The Lost Abbey Red Poppy

It’s a rare moment when I cross paths with any beer from The Lost Abbey. I believe I’ve only encountered the brewery but a handful of times — each experience leaving a lasting mark. The same can be said about their Red Poppy, a 5% ABV Flanders-style Red that is, you guessed it, brewed with poppy seed. The beer is then aged in French oak for over 12 months, allowing all sorts of wonderful things to occur.

Both solidly fruity and potently sour, Red Poppy presents a well-balanced and unified front right from the start. Sour cherries and wood dominate the aroma while hints of yeast and vanilla linger. Those sour cherries also wash briskly over the tongue with each sip, peaking fairly aggressively before fading almost as quickly. Woody notes, vanilla and a touch of yeast linger long after the tartness has faded to a tingle in the lightly drying finish. The flavor is outstanding with a decadent character.

Red Poppy is an excellent beer. It’s rich, delicate and full-flavored all at the same time. The assertive sour tartness definitely isn’t for everyone, but for those that love a good sour cherry wallop, this is one beer that needs to be experienced. My only regret is that there was only one bottle on the shelves when I made this purchase. I would have loved to set some of this aside for a bit in the cellar. Impressive!