Oct 23, 2019

Adroit Theory Elegy (Irony Edition)

My personal preferences for an imperial IPA are pretty much on the opposite end of the spectrum compared to the label and stats of Adroit Theory’s Elegy. Weighing in at 8.1% ABV, this brew only brings 27 IBU to the hop party – oh, and it’s supposed to be hazy. Thankfully, there’s more bitterness than expected and it’s really not all that hazy… so, yeah.

At any rate, Elegy brings a good amount of catty hop character, grapefruit, lemony zest, wildflower honey notes and a latent floral trait in both its aroma and flavor profile. The brew glides over the tongue with a bit of viscosity before heading into the long lasting and warming finish. A welcome hop bitterness rises as the flavors peak evenly.

I particularly enjoyed the mouthfeel of this imperial IPA, as well as the soft wildflower honey notes. Again, I’d personally prefer a bit more bite to the experience, but the boozy and heady nature of the beer are enough to make up for the lack of bitterness typically found in a beer of this style. All in all, Elegy is a pretty solid brew.