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Decadent Ales Multiflora


I’ve only encountered one other Decadent Ales product and that was their tasty Citra Citra Citra — a solid imperial IPA brewed for the company by Connecticut’s Thimble Island Brewing.

Multiflora is a 9.6% double IPA brewed by Dorchester Brewing out of Boston. The two companies have combined to produce a darn fine brew packed with luscious nectarine, mango and apricot along with wild flower honey notes and a touch of dank pine. The beer’s mouthfeel is a just the right amount of viscous with a light crispness as it glides briskly over the palate.

Compared to most double IPAs I’ve enjoyed in the past, this one has a different flavor profile. I personally prefer big and bold DIPAs with loads of hop-forward flavors of dankness and citrus. Multiflora goes against that a bit, leaning heavily on a more varied fruit profile and less of a bitterness as a lingering floral honey notes hangs about in the warming finish.

It may not be what I typically grab for the style, but I’ll be damned if I didn’t thoroughly enjoy this big IPA. That’s two for two in terms of tasty brews from the minds of Decadent Ales for those keeping score. I’ll keep my eyes peeled for more of their products in the future.


Pours golden amber in color with a small head of white foam that drops smoothly to a thick collar. Slight haze.

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