Oct 7, 2019

Guinness Over the Moon Milk Stout

I believe that these samples cans of Guinness’ Over the Moon Milk Stout are the first from their new Maryland brewery that I have had the opportunity to taste, or even cross paths with. The 5.3% ABV brew was releases just a couple of days after the 30th anniversary of mankind’s first steps on the lunar surface.

The key to this beer, at least for me, is the continuity that the brewery maintains between it and the “standard” Guinness that we’ve all come to know throughout the decades. While this milk stout isn’t packaged on nitro, there is a tell-tale robustness and roastiness that echoes the flavor profile of the company’s classic release. A touch of campfire leads the way for hints of chocolate, coffee and latent milky sweetness that fills in the gaps.

Over the Moon isn’t overly sweet like some or even as full-bodied as other examples of the style, but what it may lack there it more than makes up for with its lightly rustic nature. I’m a big fan of the robust malt bill, the light bitterness and balancing lactose presence that keeps everything from going too far in one direction. The stout drinks pretty darn easy, as well.

The samples provided by the brewery didn’t last long once that first wash of roastiness crossed my tastebuds. I like a sweet milk stout, but I really preferred the robust flavor profile that Over the Moon provides.

This is a review of a promotional sample.