Aug 13, 2019

Starr Hill AC

The third beer in Starr Hill’s Hopped as Hell variety IPA pack is one that I feel should receive serious consideration for its viability as a year-round offering. AC – short for the Amarillo and Citra hop varieties employed in its making – is an outstandingly well-balanced and flavorful IPA.

It’s not a beer that fits into a niche, such as New England style or, older yet, West Coast style. It’s not ultra hazy, nor does it use lactose or any other odd-ball adjunct to draw your attention. AC is simply just a damn fine, every day sort of IPA. It presents a welcome blend of citrus (orange, tangerine, grapefruit) that mingles seamlessly with soft piney notes, a hint of honey, smooth malt sweetness, a touch of caramel and bready notes.

That lightly sweet malt backbone is tempered expertly by a light-to-moderate hop bitterness that provides just the right amount of bite. The medium bodied IPA drinks with deceptive ease, linger long after each swallow with a light dryness that just begs for another sip. All qualities that I personally look for in an everyday drinker – especially for an IPA.

Thus far, the three IPAs that I have sampled from the brewery’s new variety offering have all been good, but AC is the only one that I could see sitting down and enjoying for an extended period. That’s not to say it’s a sessionable IPA – it’s not. For my own personal preferences, AC displays all of the traits that I want in a solid IPA: flavor, drinkability, balance, bite. I’d gladly swap out a current Summer staple for a few six packs of this one.

This is a review of a promotional sample.