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Starr Hill Mariah


Mariah is the third release in Starr Hill’s Sour Series (new for 2019). The 4.7% ABV gose-style brew falls right in line with what we have experienced with both Roxanne and Lizzy — it brings just enough sour tartness to be playful while still retaining an incredible accessibility to new drinkers of the style.

With a healthy amount of passion fruit driving the overall flavor profile, Mariah is quite the tasty treat. That fruity tartness blends nicely with the gose inspired sour traits, grain and distant salinity. The beer is refreshing and easy-drinking (it disappeared from my glass with impressive quickness) which makes it an ideal option for cooling off or loitering with friends at a picnic. I found this little brew enjoyable even as more experienced sour drinkers may want to look elsewhere for their pucker.

Mariah is a beginner’s sour and that’s not a bad thing. It may not pack the teeth rattling sourness of others that have come before, but the playful tease and fruity flavors make for a simply enjoyable experience. It falls right in line with the previous Sour Series releases with consistency and mellow nature. My only problem, as noted above, is that it leaves the glass much too quickly. I’d like another please.

This is a review of a promotional sample.


Frothy head of white foam drops quickly and noisily atop the hazy, pale straw brew.

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