Sep 4, 2019

Stone Notorious P.O.G.

Stone Brewing’s Notorious P.O.G. is the result of a collaboration with actor/comedian Jonah Ray and his affinity for a Hawaiian drink that encompasses passion fruit, orange and guava (POG). This 4.7% ABV Berliner Weisse was originally only available locally as a very limited release. The brew is still considered a special release, but at least now, it is available nationwide.

Having never visited Hawaii, I’ve never encountered POG juice, but if it’s anywhere as tasty and refreshing as this radler-like concoction from Stone Brewing, I’d be all over it. The passion fruit, orange and guava dominate the flavor profile of Notorious P.O.G. while a moderate sour tartness provides a playful pucker. Everything comes together incredibly well and nicely balanced in what can only be called a near-perfect Summer-time refresher.

I thoroughly enjoyed this little brew. It’s fruit-forward without being overly juicy. I think we can thank the Berliner Weisse base and it’s fun tartness for keeping everything nicely balanced and complimentary. Notorious P.O.G. quenches wonderfully and presents the ideal experience for a hot Summer afternoon.

Given the light tartness, flavors and lower alcohol volume, the beer is darn near chuggable. Perhaps I’ll need to pick up a few cans in order to test that out some more. For, you know, science.

This is a review of a promotional sample.