Nov 4, 2019

Surly Dark Phase

The annoying seasonal time change occurred over this past weekend. The weather is much colder than it was just a week ago. That means it’s officially stout season – not that I need a reason to enjoy a big, bold brew. Surly Brewing are well aware of this time of year and have delivered an appropriate one with the tasty Dark Phase (5.5% ABV).

This stout is right up my alley. It’s robust without going too far in that direction. A good bit of roasty char, soft chocolate notes, a touch of sweetness, moderate bitterness and coffee all come together wonderfully for a flavor profile that would be perfectly suited for the backyard fire pit. Hell, it’s even a great accompaniment to some belly-warming chili while hanging out with the family.

Dark Phase’s roast is spot on for the style and doesn’t come across too rough while that soft chocolate and hint of sweetness help keep the campfire char in balance. A lingering black coffee bitterness hangs about for nice while in the long lasting finish. This is most definitely my kind of stout.

I would love to have this one available locally for the next few months.