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Highland Brewing Lost Cove Kolsch photo
Highland Brewing Lost Cove Kolsch

A little over 17 years ago I married my college sweetheart. In celebration of that event, my father-in-law brewed a kolsch, bottled […]

Cascade Brewing Noyaux photo
Cascade Brewing Noyaux

Cascade Brewing’s Apricot Ale was a great start to what I can only imagine is going to be a long relationship. The […]

Cascade Brewing Figaro Ale photo
Cascade Brewing Figaro Ale

Cascade’s Figaro Ale was the second of six that I was lucky enough to purchase back in April. The Apricot Ale served […]

Cascade Apricot Ale photo
Cascade Apricot Ale

It was a classic spit take — like those ones you saw in television shows that watched as a kid. Or at […]

Sweetwater Brewing The Pit & The Pendulum photo
Sweetwater Brewing The Pit & The Pendulum

I just happened across this bottle of Sweetwater’s The Pit & The Pendulum back mid-April (and enjoyed it shortly after purchase) while […]

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