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2008 Archive

Oct 21, 2008

Coastal to Close Old Dominion Brewery

Dang. Edit: The Old Dominion bran will live on, but the Ashburn, VA location will close.

Oct 21, 2008

Beer vs Wine on Twitter

So I’ve been using Twist (a Twitter trends/comparison tool) to research a few other projects the past week or so and decided […]

Oct 21, 2008

Clay Pipe Hop-Ocalypse

As the intake of stouts and porters and other more seasonally acceptable beers has increased the past couple of weeks, I found […]

Oct 16, 2008

Brooklyn Local 1

I didn’t know too much about this beer when I bought it the first time a few months ago. I have since […]

Oct 15, 2008

Today Show is Clueless

Jay Brooks lights up the Today Show (and rightfully so) for yesterday’s less-than-stellar report on Autumn seasonal brews. Perhaps had they brought […]

Oct 13, 2008

Harviestoun Old Engine Oil

Not only did taking a few extra days off from work help recharge the battery, it gave me the opportunity to stop […]

Oct 13, 2008

2008 Great American Beer Festival Winners

I’m a couple of days behind on this one,but figured I’d link to the 2008 winner’s list anyway.

Oct 7, 2008

Session #21 Announced

A World of Brews just announced the theme for Session #21 — What’s Your Favorite Beer and Why? This can only mean […]

Oct 6, 2008

Stoudt’s Fat Dog

I’ve had my fair share of stouts through the years, but this has got to be my first Imperial Oatmeal Stout — […]

Oct 3, 2008

T-Shirt: Hop Zombie Logo Only

At the request of a few friends/coworkers, I have made an alternate version of the Hop Zombie t-shirt with just the logo […]

Oct 3, 2008

2007 Anchor Old Foghorn Ale

Anchor’s Old Foghorn, is near the top of the list for me when it comes to my favorite barleywines. It’s got a […]

Oct 2, 2008

Beer Cocktail: Black Bog

Now, this sounds like something both my wife and I could really enjoy. Me for the stout. Her for the lambic. Looks […]