Jul 14, 2008

Unibroue La Terrible (2007)

Last week I mentioned that I was going to take a day off to celebrate the ole birthday and enjoy one of a few beers I have had waiting. I listed the beers and asked for your recommendation on which on to drink for the occasion. Well, both of you who replied, suggested that I go with the 2007 vintage of Unibroue Terrible that I had sitting in the cellar. Not only was it a good choice, but coincidentally, it’s also the same brew I enjoyed on my birthday last year!

So, does the 2007 live up to the raving review I gave the 2004 last year?

Beer Label: Unibroue La Terrible


The beer poured a dark, dark brown that I wasn’t able to see any light through. The head was a light mocha in color and large and fluffy. It faded slowly.


There was a slight sweetness in the nose that also had caramel undertones. Dark fruits were definitely there, but not in the same capacity as the 2004. There was also a soft bready yeast presence.


The Terrible has the dominant dark fruits and sweetness in the mouth. There was a slight tanginess to the finish that I don’t recall the older vintage having, but was otherwise crisp and refreshing.


I didn’t give this one nearly as high a rating as I did the older bottle that I had last year. I think that the beer wasn’t quite at its prime. The 2004 vintage had already had a couple of years under its belt prior to my enjoying it. One year in the cellar wasn’t quite enough to really bring out everything this brew has to offer. Next time around, I’ll push for 3 years or more.

Rating: 3.5/5