Nov 11, 2011

Appalachian Brewing Purist Pale Ale

Purist Pale Ale photo

As much as I love to batter my palate and tastebuds with the glorious hoppiness of double IPAs and the like, sometimes you need to take a step back and just have a beer — something that refreshes and satifies without overwhelming the senses. Appalachian Brewing Company has themselves just such a brew with their Purist Pale Ale.

This 4.9% ABV beer is well balanced between biscuity malts and moderate hop bitterness. It’s a brew that I can see myself sitting down with for a ball game or sitting out on the back deck while the dogs chase each other around the back yard. It’s not an overly complicated beer, but it’s got enough flavor to keep you interested and ready to crack open another.


Amber in color Purist pours with a dense, slowly falling white cap.


Bisquity malts, subtle citrus hops and grains fill the nose.


Right along with the nose, this malt forward brew has a biscuity character that’s followed smoothly by a moderate level of pine and citrus hops. There’s enough of a hop bite to keep things from becoming ho-hum, but not enough to take away from the light caramel malt character. At just under 5% ABV, the beer is just about sessionable and with the crisp mouthfeel is refreshing on a warm afternoon.


This is the type of pale ale that I could sit down with for a relaxing afternoon. It’s got good flavor and balance — just right for sitting back and having a beer.

Rating: 3.5/5

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