May 2, 2011

Odell Brewing Double Pilsner

This is a review of a promotional sample received from the brewery.

Odell Brewing Company, Colorado’s second ever craft brewery, is one of those companies that I hear a number of good things about, but have never had the opportunity to try any of their products. Whether from their year-round offerings to their limited release Woodcut series, the brewery just seems to get consistently high marks. When I finally had the opportunity to sample their Double Pilsner, not only was I flat out stoked, but also expecting big things from the beer — I wouldn’t be disappointed in either aspect.

Dubbed as a “craft reinterpretation” of a Bohemian pilsner, this 8.1% ABV brew is an interesting take on a double pilsner. I’ve had a couple of beers in this style lately and Odell’s version seemed to be on the sweeter side, though still quite tasty. It’s also got an grainy character that I particularly enjoyed.

The Double Pilsner sittin on my review notebook.


While this beer may not look as good as the killer artwork on the label, it did pour a pale yellow in color with a large, frothy white head.


Grainy malts, grassy/herbal hops, light citrus and a decent sized sweetness all combine for a nice aroma.


The beer has a surprisingly viscous mouthfeel (though not too full) and a solid bit of malt sweetness that dominates the palate initially before fading smoothly to a mild herbal hop presence in the lingering finish. The grainy malts get things started as hints of citrus fruit, honey and cereal all come together in a combination of flavors that suits the higher alcohol and sweetness well. If you’re not ready for the sweetness, I can see it coming across as a little cloying at first, but give it time — it fades nicely to a fairly dry, crisp finish. There’s a good deal of flavors roaming throughout this beer, yet it’s still easy drinking, though I wouldn’t suggest putting too many of them away too rapidly as that higher alcohol level creeps up on you quickly.


While my wife found Odell’s Double Pilsner a little too sweet for her own liking, I found that its presence combined nicely with the grainier malt character. As for it being my first Odell Brewing product that I’ve had the opportunity to enjoy, it was a great introduction. I thoroughly enjoyed a bottle of it out on the deck during a cool evening this past weekend.

Rating: 3.75/5

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