Jun 10, 2016

Odell Drumroll APA

Odell Brewing just recently announced the launch of Drumroll APA, the company’s first new year-round offering in over two years. This 5.3% ABV (42 IBU) American pale ale is fairly hop forward as expected, but the beer isn’t one dimensional or a palate wrecker in that sense. Drumroll APA offers plenty of citrusy goodness peppered with tropical fruits and some pine, but the beer is also nicely balanced and incredibly drinkable.

A smooth surge of hop bitterness peaks gently while pine, grapefruit and hints of orange dance around on the lightly crisp mouthfeel with every sip. The nose on this beer is pretty darn inviting as wafts of tangerine, pineapple and other tropical fruits fill your nose before you know it. Drumroll APA isn’t a fruit juice infused trend though — the beer is nicely crafted and deserving of the year-round tag.

I’ve found that it’s great poured in your favorite glassware or right out of the can, as was the case with a couple of cold ones yesterday after mowing the yard. Refreshing and easy drinking are not often traits found in many modern, hop-forward beers as of late. Odell Brewing have themselves a treat with this new offering — a treat that would surely fill my fridge if only they started shipping east to, oh, I don’t know, Virginia. I’m just sayin’.

This is a review of a promotional sample.