Oct 30, 2017

Reason Beer Pale

Reason Beer’s Blonde served as a decent introduction to the company that showed promise of things to come. When I purchased that beer, I also picked up this bottle of their 5% ABV Pale. While Blonde felt a bit jumbled and not fully put together, this American pale ale presents a much more complete experience with great flavor and balance.

Pale utilizes a blend of American and German hops to provide an aroma and flavor profile that is fruit-forward without tipping the scale too far in that direction. There’s an excellent balance between orange and grapefruit along with cereal and bready notes. The hop bite tingles the palate playfully without causing any fatigue. Combine that with the relatively lower alcohol and you’ve got a beer you can sit down with for a while. I personally prefer a bit more bite to my pale ales, but the even-keeled nature of this Reason beer makes for an easy drinking and relaxing experience.

Reason Beer’s Pale Ale has a great hop character that carries a swell of fruit flavors and moderate pine in an easy drinking, unassuming package. The beer is wonderfully balanced between that hop profile and bready malt base. This would be a great beer for sitting down at a picnic or yelling at your television screen as your favorite team does their best (or worst) to win a game.