Jun 6, 2012

Long Trail Pollenator

I’ve had a few Long Trail Ales products over the past couple of years, but their Imperial Porter has remained my favorite thus far. And, it will remain so after enjoying this bottle of their 4.8% pale ale, Pollenator. This seasonal brew has a crisp, refreshing character that is ideal for a warm Summer afternoon. Brewed with Cascade and Nugget hop varieties the beer isn’t going to bomb your taste buds with over-the-top bitterness — it only weighs in at 23 IBU, just enough to tingle the senses.

This is one of those easy drinking pale ales that you can sit down with and enjoy a couple with friends at a cook out or just hanging around talking. It’s an approachable beer that has a well balanced flavor.


Pollenator pours a golden amber in color with a white cap that dropped slowly leaving behind a residual lace.


The nose is quite clean with biscuity malt, light grain and a clean citrus hop component.


This is a well balanced and clean pale ale. Bready malts and cereal grains greet you first as you transition to a lightly hopped finish that carries a grassy character and just enough of a hop bite to tease the tongue. It’s crisp and light on the palate, leaving you refreshed.


Pollenator is a smooth drinking, quaffable brew that has just enough depth of flavor to keep it interesting. I wish I had purchased more of this — immediately after draining my glass, I wanted another to crack open another bottle. Damn.


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