Dec 12, 2012

Schloss Eggenberg Samichlaus Helles

If you were to look back through this site’s archives you’d see many instances of Schloss Eggenberg’s Samichlaus, particularly in the cellar lists. It’s just one of those beers that ages wonderfully and, more than likely, will always have some sort of representation in my basement. So it’s with little surprise that I picked up another big doppelbock from the brewery to check out.

Schloss Eggenberg Samichlaus Helles is also a big beer, weighing in at 14% ABV, just like the original one I love so much. But that’s where the similarities end. Both beers may be of similar heritage and styles, but the Helles is much less fruity and not as refined as I’ve found Samichlaus to be. That said, it’s still a darn good beer and one that I will probably purchase again for a little cellaring.


Helles pours a slightly chill-hazed amber in color with a small amount of white head that faded quickly to a thin ring around the glass.


Boozy and sweet, the beer has hints of malt, stone fruits and light grain.


The Helles may be a bit fuller on the palate than it’s sibling. It’s also cloyingly sweet, and boozy. The malt sweetness and stone fruits come through from start to finish as the alcohol warms the body and lingers for a good long while. It’s fairly full bodied and syrupy on the tongue. Definitely not a small beer.


I need to sit down and do a side-by-side comparison between these two beers. At first blush the Helles comes across a little rougher than the Samichlaus original and less fruity, as well. It’s still a solid beer and one that I can see myself sipping on after a cold day of shoveling snow later this Winter.

Rating: 4/5

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