Mar 13, 2012

Sierra Nevada Ruthless Rye

Ruthless Rye photo

I’m a big fan of IPAs that utilize rye within their tasty, hoppy depths. There are few examples of the style that I don’t like. And seeing how I’m also a huge fan of Sierra Nevada, it was pretty much a no-brainer that I pick up a sixer of this new seasonal release. It’s full flavored, hoppy and, at 6.6% ABV, will treat you just right.


Ruthless Rye pours a deep amber in color with a one-finger white head.


You can smell the rye a mile away. Bready malts accompany a solid hop character of citrus, pine and a leafy nature. The spicy rye blends in well.


Caramel malt and subtle sweetness form the backbone for the beer as spicy rye and a load of citrusy, bitter hops arrive quickly. It’s a bold, full flavor that is also well balanced. The hop bite lingers for a good long while, as does a solid bit of grain and rye. The beer is assertive and flavorful.


Bear Republic’s Hop Rod Rye is still my favorite brew in this style, but this Ruthless Rye from Sierra Nevada is a very close second. Bold and flavorful, it’s a great drinking IPA witha ton of character.


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