Jul 6, 2012

Sixpoint Bengali Tiger

I’m loving the availability of New York’s Sixpoint Craft Ales in my area. There’s nothing like cracking open a cool can of tasty brew after working out in the 100 plus degree weather that has been dominating the Virginia area the past week. First it was Resin which was so damned good that I forgot to officially review it. Then there was Righteous Ale which was pretty damned good in its own right. Now, there is Bengali Tiger.

While Resin was one of the more impressive Imperial IPAs that I’ve had in a while, Bengali Tiger is a more pedestrian (relatively speaking) 6.4% ABV and 62 IBU standard IPA. That said, there is nothing standard about this full flavored and mouth watering brew.


Bengali Tiger pours an orangish amber with a slight chill haze and a quickly falling white crown of foam.


Loads of citrusy, piney hops fill the nose immediately as resin, orange, tangerine and grapefruit notes join in.


This beer bursts onto the tongue with fruity citrus and a solid (and I mean SOLID) slab of resinous pine that lingers for a good long while in the slightly dry finish. An underlying bready, caramel malt backbone does its best to support the the overwhelming hop character. At 62 IBU, the beer certainly has a biting bitterness, but isn’t completely palate wrecking. There’s barely a hint of the alcohol which makes this beer dangerously drinkable.


The brewery’s Resin was a big beer and it’s hard to come by, but if you’re in the mood for a super tasty IPA with a solid bite, then their more mainstream Bengali Tiger is the one for you. It’s got a myriad of hop flavors (fruity, piney, spicey) and is enjoyable right from the can or poured into a nice tulip glass for proper quaffing. Either way, I highly recommend this beer for any fan of hops.


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