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Mother Earth Endless River

Mother Earth Endless River photo

And finally we come to the last bottle of what seems to be a never ending “thank you” six pack. Mother Earth Brewing’s Endless River is a 4.9% ABV Kolsch that really hits the spot nicely. It’s got all of the correct components for the style that make this type of beer one of my favorites for Summer enjoyment. My only complaint about this beer – and it’s sort of a big one for the style – is the mouthfeel. It’s not as crisp as I personally prefer my kolsch.

Aside from my own preferences, Endless River was a great accompaniment to grilled chicken and greens on a warm mid-August afternoon. I just wish I had another bottle or two at the time.


Bright, straw yellow in color with a thick cap of white foam.


The beer has a wonderful grain character as light fruit, crackers and a lightly grassy hop presence mingle nicely.


Endless River has a great flavor as grain, light honey, subtle fruits and a soft malt sweetness combine for a smooth drinking beer. I’d personally like the mouthfeel to be a bit more crisp than it is, but this will work. The brew has a clean finish with just a hint of lemony hops and gentle bitterness.


This was a darn good beer and probably one of my favorite of the bunch that I received. It would have been killer with just a bit more activity on the tongue, but was still quite an enjoyable brew. The next time I make a trip to North Caroline, this one is going to be on my list to purchase.

Rating: 3.75/5

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