Jul 23, 2018

Parkway Brewing Majestic Mullet

I’m a big fan of a good, crisp Kolsch. A good example of the style just can’t be beat when it comes to Summer-time enjoyment, offering a welcome and pleasing balance between lightly sweet pale malt and smooth hoppy bitterness. Getting the balance right is a challenge as American brewers tend to over-hop traditional styles. Parkway Brewing’s Majestic Mullet is a pretty decent example of that style that, fortunately, does not lean too heavily on the hops.

Majestic Mullet (5.6% ABV, 28 IBU) ins’t over-hopped, but it does have enough lemony citrus and grassy notes to keep the grain and cereal malt notes in check. There’s a nice balance going on here that makes for an easy-drinking experience. The kolsch, however, is a bit fuller and softer on the palate than most examples. I personally want in a good deal more crispness and lively mouthfeel from the style. Lingering cereal grain notes linger long in the drying finish.

I enjoyed Majestic Mullet’s flavor and balance, but would have loved a bit more activity and lighter body. It wasn’t quite the Summer thirst quencher that I was in the mood for at the time of this review, but the beer’s easy drinking nature certainly was nice. I have my favorites that would probably make it into the fridge prior to Parkway’s example, but I definitely wouldn’t say “no” to this one. I mean, with a name like Majestic Mullet, how could you not want to crack one open?