Feb 2, 2018

Parkway Brewing A Moment on the Lips

I’m a big fan of Parkway Brewing’s Raven’s Roost Baltic Porter. That beer is an excellent example of the style and one that I purchase whenever I see it for the colder months. It’s also one that persuades me subconsciously in buying other of the company’s products. Take A Moment on the Lips, a 7% ABV milk stout, for instance.

This stout was picked up, not because I was interested “chocolate covered oranges” as the label insists, but simply because of that Baltic porter. Had it not been for that beer, A Moment on the Lips may have been passed by — probably. At any rate, this near opaque stout is brewed with oranges as I mentioned, but aside from a hint of the citrus fruit in the aroma, it’s really not all that much of a presence. There’s a good amount of roast coffee and chocolate (and lactose), but I’d be remiss if I said I tasted a distinct orange influence.

The lack of orange isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as this is still a decent, albeit robust, milk stout. For my personal liking, it’s probably better without the oranges, but if a product’s label is going to brag about an ingredient, it should be a bit more apparent on the tastebuds. I’m not talking about bludgeoning me over the head with orangy citrus notes, but I’d still like to taste more than a faint echo late in the finish.

All that being said, A Moment on the Lips is still good. My experience with the milk stout is certainly not going to deter me from buying more Raven’s Roost or from purchasing new products from the brewery in the future.