Nov 25, 2013

Twisted Pine Hoppy Boy

Hoppy Boy is the flagship beer of Colorado’s Twisted Pine Brewing. It may not have been the first beer from this brewery, but it’s the first time I’ve had the opportunity to take a few notes and write a proper review for any of the company’s products. This 6.2% ABV IPA is packed with plenty of piny hoppiness as well as a decent amount of malt sweetness. The combination serves to make for an approachable and smooth drinking brew.

It may not be as extreme as their Ghost Face Killah (which I just recently encountered), but what the brew lacks in oomph it more than makes up for with it’s balanced character.


Hoppy Boy pours amber in color with a large cap of off-white foam that left behind a solid amount of lacing.

Twisted Pine Hoppy Boy photo


Pine resin, grapefruit, hints of orange/tangerine, touch of caramel and light, toasted malt combine for a pretty darn good smelling beer.


There’s a good amount of juicy citrus and resinous pine that arrive immediately. A moderate amount of malt sweetness helps temper and medium-to-high level of hop bitterness as hints of caramel and toasted bread rest in the background. Hoppy Boy is smooth drinking with plenty of flavor that fade cleanly to a semi-drying finish.


It’s not the hardest hitting IPA that I’ve ever encountered, but Hoppy Boy still drinks well. It’s got a good amount of pine and citrus that dominate the flavor as a decent bit of a malt presence rounds out the flavors nicely. I can see why this is considered their flagship beer. It’s got good flavor and quite approachable.

Rating: 3.75/5

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