Jan 16, 2014

Allagash House Beer

This past Thanksgiving my older sister (a Maine resident) went out of her way to bring down some tasty treats from Allagash Brewing. A couple of them I’ve had before but two I had not since both are only available for purchase at the brewery itself. And, well, that’s a long drive from Virginia to pick up a couple of bottles.

The first of the two beers that were new to me is the company’s House Beer, a 4.5% ABV Belgian ale that is ” brewed for the employees of the brewery to drink after a hard day on the job.” I may not be an employee, but I’m a huge fan of what these guys have been doing throughout the years and it was a treat to get my hands on a couple bottles of House Beer.

House Beer is a tasty little beer that is not only sessionable and refreshing, but down right chuggable, for lack of a better word. It’s got a great personality for a lower alcohol beer and drinks quite smoothly.


A large, fluffy stack of off-white foam rests atop the golden amber brew.

Allagash House Beer photo


Grassy hop notes, peppery yeast, grain and herbal/spice notes fill the nose wonderfully.


This is a fun little beer. Grain, bready malt, peppery yeast and spice notes arrive first and are then quickly followed by grassy hops, lemon citrus and a soft bitterness. There’s a touch of malt sweetness that lingers for a good long while in the slightly drying finish. This is a tasty brew with a refreshing quality.


I thoroughly enjoyed Allagash’s House Beer. Knowing that it would be a long time before I got to enjoy it again, I tried my best to make the four pack last as long as possible, but it was no use. The bottles disappeared in a matter of days. I can see why the company brews this one primarily for themselves. Sharing would be the last thing to cross my mind, as well.

Rating: 4/5