Feb 15, 2019

Allagash Ganache

There’s no denying the fact that I am an Allagash fan boy. I just really love the products they’ve produced through the years – whether it be an annual flagship or a one-off, happy accident. The company just simply knows how to make a damn good beer.

Of course, not everything your favorite brewery makes is going to suite your own personal tastes. And that’s where we’ve fallen with Ganache, a 7.5% ABV dark ale brewed with Brettanomyces and what I can only describe as “all the raspberries” (and a healthy malt bill). This wild beer is whole-heartedly one sided.

Now, Ganache isn’t a bad beer by any means. It provides a nice twang of wild yeast and an appropriate level of moderate fruity tartness. The ale is just so front-loaded with raspberries and that tart trait that the cocoa, bread and grain from the malt backbone don’t stand a chance. I really wanted to taste more of that chocolate influence as outlined on the back of the bottle, but it just isn’t strong enough to break through all that fruit.

Like I said, even your most hallowed of company’s is going to produce a beer you may not prefer. I’m sure that there are plenty of folks out there that love Ganache and, perhaps, hate the beers I particularly enjoy. Regardless, this wild brew certainly provides plenty of interesting talking points and flavor aspects that, if it’s still available, you should check it out for yourself.