Aug 22, 2019

Trve Brewing Restarter

Back in September of last year – just three months prior to the notes for this review being taken down (yes, I am that far behind in publishing) – I had the opportunity to check out Trve Brewing’s Cursed. It was a tasty introduction to the company and one that set the bar pretty high for any beers to come after.

As tasty as that first experience with the company was, the second beer I encountered presented well, but didn’t quite reach that bar. Yes, there is a great deal more going on within Restarter than Cursed, but more doesn’t always equal better. Sure, the wild funk is excellent and the fruit (peaches, plum) present themselves well with a natural character. And the sour tartness was at just the right level so as to grip the palate gently without fully disrupting the day.

My problem with Restarter was its mouthfeel. There just wasn’t all the carbonation activity needed in a beer like this to push all of those flavors around the tastebuds. The beer wasn’t completely still, but it did come across a bit lifeless in that regard.

Other than that lack of activity, Restarter presented a tasty array of flavors and a tartness that wasn’t overwhelming. I personally enjoyed the wild funk tremendously – that was a stand out for me.