Oct 9, 2019

Amager/Crooked Stave Chad King of the Wild Yeasts

I’m not sure how I came about this beer from Amager Bryghus (Denmark) and Crooked Stave (Denver, CO) as the notes are from almost a year ago, but I do recall enjoying the hell out of it. Chad, King of the Wild Yeasts is a 5% ABV farmhouse ale with a good amount of wild yeast coursing through its golden depths.

The aroma and flavor are outstanding. Funky, wild, lemony, lightly tart, peppery yeast, soft hop profile and a deceptively easy drinking character give the impression that someone had fun working on beer cocktails. It’s as though said someone mixed a bottle of their Delirium with their Saison Dupont. Chad is wild in nature, but still quite approachable with a light dryness and lasting finish.

Chad, King of the Wild Yeast is an incredible beer. It brings aspects of two personal favorites together in a single entity. My notes state that I need to “buy more” of this one, but I have yet to see it on shelves since. I can tell you, that when I do find any remaining bottles of this collaborative effort, they are all min. Mine!