Jun 2, 2014

Bad Wolf Brewing Irish Wrist Watch

I didn’t know too much about Irish Wrist Watch when I got a growler fill of it back in March — I just knew that I was in the mood for something dark and stoutish. The only other heavy brew that I’ve had from Bad Wolf Brewing has been their Chocolate Stout and it was a tasty little brew. This 7% ABV Irish Dry Stout was just the right beer for the moment, but it too, like the Chocolate Stout, came across a bit on the thin side.

Despite its lightness on the palate, I found Irish Wrist Watch to be a tasty brew with good, roasty character and appropriately drying finish. The higher alcohol content was hidden well and made for a surprisingly easy drinking stout.

Bad Wolf Brewing Irish Wrist Watch photo


A small, brown cap of foam disappears rather quickly atop the opaque black brew.


Coffee, a solid roastiness, distant cocoa and grain all mingle together in the gentle aroma.


There’s a bit of a smokiness that hangs softly in the background with the dark roast coffee, grain and chocolate notes. Overall, the beer has a decent flavor, but it’s a bit on the thin side for my personal liking. It’s obviously doesn’t need to be chewy, but a little more fullness would be nice. A light, lingering bitterness trails off slowly after each sip.


I liked this beer. It’s got a solid flavor profile and nice earthy touch. I’d pick up another growler of this beer if it’s ever available at the brewery again.

Rating: 3.75/5

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