Apr 4, 2014

Finch’s Beer Company Cut Throat Pale Ale

Cut Throat Pale Ale (5.6% ABV) is my first introduction to Chicago’s Finch’s Beer Company. I had heard of them in the past, mostly for their collaboration with the t-shirt company Threadless. Beyond that, I had not see or heard much of them prior to spying this and a couple of other cans on shelves.

This pale ale isn’t your typical run of the mill variety. It incorporates organ peel in it’s recipe and, while that may not be all that novel in and of itself, it does give the beer an earthy, pithy character that I quite enjoyed. It’s not by any means the best example of a brewery using parts of an orange, but it does drink well and refreshes nicely.


Cut Throat Pale Ale pours golden amber in color with a nice cap of tawny foam that left behind light residual lace.

Finch's Beer Company Cutthroat Pale Ale photo


Bready malt, oranges, spicy hop notes and hints of grain make for a welcome nose.


The orange peel doesn’t exert its presence too strongly here which is a good thing. Instead it adds an overlying earthy citrus character that accompanies peppery hops, grass and toasted bread. A low-to-moderate level of hop bitterness leads the way for a surprisingly warming finish. The crisp mouthfeel helps to reinvigorate. The hop character to this can felt as though it had faded some, like it had been sitting around on shelves for longer than it should have.


All in all, Finch’s Beer Cut Throat Pale Ale isn’t half bad. It’s got an orangy character, but isn’t over the top with it. I think, though, that this particular can may have been past its prime as it had a slightly “old” taste to it. Despite that I still found it a solid little brew.

Rating: 3.5/5

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